Mahi Tahi – Networking Opportunities for Social Service Professionals at The Loft.

Mahi Tahi – Networking Opportunities for Social Service Professionals at The Loft.

The Loft recently hosted its inaugural networking event, marking the beginning of a series of gatherings for professionals in the social service sector. The purpose of these events is to provide a platform for learning about the agencies housed at The Loft and to foster valuable connections among attendees, all with the goal of benefiting our whaiora. Allow us to introduce Mahi Tahi, a concept that embodies collaboration, cooperation, and working together. Mahi Tahi lies at the core of The Loft's mission and was the driving force behind its establishment. Rather than merely seeking accommodation for their services, the agencies sought a collaborative environment where barriers to access for services, information, and support could be eliminated. By choosing to locate their services at The Loft, agencies commit to working together in the best interests of the people they support.

Central to The Loft's culture is whakawhanaungatanga, a Maori term encompassing the creation of opportunities for building relationships. This philosophy has culminated in a unique way for professionals to connect beyond the confines of our physical space, facilitating networking among individuals working in the same environment. The Loft currently accommodates sixteen social service agencies, housing a wealth of information and expertise that we are eager to share and promote within the sector. To disseminate this knowledge effectively, we organized our inaugural event, featuring presentations from The Loft, Aviva, Community Law Canterbury, and the Ministry of Justice Kaiārahi Family Court Navigator. These agencies provided valuable insights into their services, offered support options, and discussed the referral process. Participants engaged in an interactive session, asking questions and receiving feedback. It was heartening to witness such enthusiasm from individuals across the spectrum, including NGOs and government entities, all united in their commitment to enhancing their support for the whaiora they work alongside.

If you believe the information shared during the event would benefit your mahi, we have compiled a comprehensive recap of the presentations, including answers to the questions raised and agency presentation slides. You can access this valuable resource by downloading it here. We encourage you to share it with your networks and anyone who would find it useful in their mahi.

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that our next event is already scheduled. If you are a social service professional and would like to stay informed about our upcoming events or receive updates on The Loft and our partners, we invite you to join our mailing list here. Additionally, you can get a glimpse of the event's atmosphere by following us on social media. Feel free to join our community and experience the essence of what our networking events offer.

Having learned valuable lessons from our inaugural event, we are now better equipped to provide an exceptional experience for those interested in attending future Mahi Tahi networking events. We sincerely hope to see you there!

Update! We have had our second Mahi Tahi networking event that delivered all the same sentements as above. This event saw presentations from PGF Services, Mapu Maia, Asian Family Services, and Kidz Need Dadz. A multicultural and diverse offering of services all under our roof, how lucky are we! If you are interested to learn about these services, check out their presentations and a re-cap here. 

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