Our History, Our Kaupapa, Our Supporters

About The Loft


The Loft opened in July 2016, but the idea behind it was born following the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquakes. Many organisations lost premises, but gained  a unique opportunity to reorganise and re-build differently to better meet the changing needs of local families and communities. The Loft’s community of agencies is now better positioned than ever before to address for the needs of our city’s most vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Our Purpose and Values

Since 2012, as the idea of The Loft has developed, we've kept a clear purpose front of mind.  This means that everything we've done to create The Loft and everything we do at The Loft is linked to our purpose: "to enhance outcomes for children, young people, families and communities by achieving the optimum added value that co-located community wellbeing services has to offer." 

We also created a set of values that are reflected in everything we do with our clients and our colleagues.


Our values express the essence of who we are at the Loft and we uphold these in all we do:

  • Partnership- Kotahitanga
  • Respect and integrity-Mana
  • Inclusion-Whakaurunga
  • Responsive-Whakautu



  • Culturally Responsive  -  Ātanga Ahurea
  • Client centric  -  Te Mahi Tangata
  • Commitment to social justice and sustainable communities  -  Toitu nga Hapori ora I runga I te Tika
  • Recognising success  - Whakanui
  • A culture of learning and Innovation  -  Ahurea Takiura
  • Efficiency and effectiveness  -  totika whaihua
  • A safe working environment  -  Whare Haumaru


Our Brand

The Loft name and brand was developed over a number of months of consultation with frontline staff of the founding partner agencies and Ngāi Tahu by the design team at Strategy Design and Advertising.  ‘The Loft’ represents both the physical space where our services are located in Eastgate Shopping Centre, and also the aspiration of ‘rising above’; this reflects our shared journey with our community to rise up and move forward towards our full potential.

The concept of that journey is captured in our Whakataukī1: Poipoia, tautokotia kia eke te tihi o Oranga.  This is translates to: ‘through nurture and support you will reach the summit of wellbeing.’

The Loft’s tag line and call to action is ‘Ki te Tihi’; ‘to the summit’, a phrase we adopted after hearing it used by children at a local eastern Christchurch School as their call to action. It calls us to action too – to rise to our own summit, and support others to rise to theirs. Ki te Tihi has devloped over time to become The Loft's Vision Statement and is also incorporated into The Loft's Governance group and Charitable Trust - Ki te Tihi, The Loft Charitable Trust. 

We hope you will feel welcome at The Loft and supported on your journey forward and higher.
Ki te Tihi!

[1] The Loft Whakataukī was created specifically for The Loft innovation by Ngāi Tahu who have provided support and guidance through the brand development process

Our Funders and Supporters

The social services partners sought, and received, widespread and generous support from many organisations to help achieve the shared vision of The Loft.  This support included direct funding, as well as gifted services and resources.  Without this support, The Loft would not exist.

The Loft would like the thank the following organisations for their support


  • Christchurch City Council (via the Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund)
  • Lottery Community Facilities Fund
  • The Ministry of Social Development
  • New Zealand Red Cross
  • Rata Foundation
  • The Sutherland Self Help Trust
  • The Tindall Foundation
  • Wayne Francis Charitable Trust
  • Working Together More Fund


Annual Reports 

Year ending 30th June 2021  - Here
Year ending 30th June 2022 - Here


Impact Lab Report

Learn about The Loft's social impact via this report done by the Impact Lab - Here